Waste Reduction

yarding logs into the back of the little truck

yarding logs into the back of the little truck

Slash and wood from arboriculture projects can find new life in several ways.  Leaving woody material on site to decompose on its own is certainly the easiest and most direct return of nutrients and energy into the production of future trees.  Understandably, many people prefer alternatives that may be more attractive, reduce fuel loads and fire risk, or feed into another product.  Two common destinations for our materials taken off-site are mulch and dimensional lumber and other milled products.



Brush to Chips

Branches and other small diameter woody stems get dropped off at Midnight's Farm for conversion into landscaping mulch or compost for gardens.  The bulk material handled by the commercial tub grinder at the Farm's facility is much more efficient than a smaller arborist-grade chipper used at individual sites.  Picking up mulch at the Farm with your own vehicle is simple, and we can also deliver to you in loads up to 5 cubic yards per load.  Visit the Midnight's Farm website for details on pricing and location. 

Live edge redwood slab mounted on the front desk at  Pachama Apothecary  in Lopez Village

Live edge redwood slab mounted on the front desk at Pachama Apothecary in Lopez Village

Logs to Lumber

Island trees are known for their slow growth and dense stands that make excellent lumber products.  We can take logs from your property to any mill on island, or connect you with a local sawyer who can bring a portable mill to you.  Many of the native tree species lack the character so highly valued in slabs, but can become beautiful vertical grain flooring or siding.  Having previously operated a Wood-Mizer bandsaw mill, we're happy to talk about custom sawmilling options to fit your building project. 



Felling to Planting

Recognizing that every tree cut down by an arborist is one less tree sustaining a heathy planet, we will be partnering with a conservation organization dedicated to reforestation to reduce our impact.  Starting in 2017, we will donate a tree to plant for every significant one removed on Lopez Island (143 in 2017!).  The program fits into the global impact envisioned by the UN Billion Tree Campaign and our belief in a more responsible and equitable business model.  For those of you who want to replace a tree on your property here, we recommend Big Tree Supply in Snohomish for source material and installation.  Urban Forest Nursery also raises a range of nursery stock available as wholesale to companies such as Skookum Tree Care.  Ask us about tree selection, purchase, and planting.  

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